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crackship_bb's Journal

Crack Ship Big Bang
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A multi-fandom writing challenge centered on crack or odd pairings
March 26, 2012: Sign-ups for both authors and artists officially open!
April 30, 2012: First check-in for authors.
May 28, 2012: Second check-in for authors. Sign-ups for authors close!
~ If you want to switch to a big bang, this is your deadline.
June 25, 2012: Third check-in for authors.
~ If you need to switch to a mini-bang, this is your deadline.
~ If you need to drop out of the challenge, this is your deadline.
July 30, 2012: Rough summaries are due!
~ Please make sure that you will definitely be submitting a story.
August 11, 2012: Claiming post for artists open!
August 25, 2012: Claiming post for artists close! Sign-ups for artists close!
September 22, 2012: Final submissions due for both authors and artists!
October 13, 2012: Posting in the comm begins!
October 27, 2012: Posting in the comm ends!

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Crack Ship Big Bang is a multi-fandom writing challenge centered on crack or odd pairings. As a participant, your objective will be to take a crack pairing and write a story with a minimum of 10,000 words about it. (You also have the option of creating a mini-bang of 5,000 words.) An artist will then create a fanart, fanmix, or fanvid to go with your story.